The Mirror Cryptic Crossword December 8 2016 Answers

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The Mirror Cryptic Crossword December 8 2016 Answers

The Mirror Cryptic Crossword December 8 2016 Answers

A lovely accent ACUTE
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Bird in better nest TERN
Church craft on table CHART
Conscious of a battle to the east AWARE
Corrosive cacti sent round America CAUSTIC
Criticise cook ROAST
Definition includes part of shark FIN
Files away insects FLIES
Former spouse due to arrange display EXUDE
Glasses used in orchestra FLUTES
Gloomy around new beach SAND
Healthy colour in Istanbul TAN
Invited to have red construction confined BEDRIDDEN
Jacket lost end in fire BLAZE
Kittens' stretcher LITTER
More efficient around bank REEF
Noise is unusual result RUSTLE
Number is back to ten SIX
Permit to hire LET
Runner in confusion turning green MESSENGER
Soccer tip turned out to have worth COSTPRICE
Started with sailor TAR
Sweepstakes for gentleman thief RAFFLES
Talk at zero speed ORATE
The French bards or wild dogs LABRADORS
Wandering blind around university city DUBLIN
Weighing device in proportion SCALE

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