Puzzle Page Crossword August 15 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Fish breathes through it: GILL
2. Dull brownish military uniform: KHAKIS
3. Fairy-tale character: ELF
4. If at all possible: IDEALLY
5. Mother's mother (abbr): GRAN
6. Smear, blotch: SMUDGE
7. Breathed in: INHALED
8. Computer memory (abbr): RAM
9. Enjoy: LIKE
10. Mended clothes: DARNED
11. Total lack of memory: AMNESIA
12a. Alikeness: RESEMBLANCE
12d. Tell a story: RELATE
13. Close, handy: NEARBY
14. He may expect interest: LENDER
15. Seizes: NABS
16. It grows on head: HAIR
17. Rodents: RATS
18. Not 'he': SHE
19. Bill for payment (inf): TAB
20. Restrict, obstruct: INHIBIT

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