Puzzle Page Crossword August 13 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Woe is me!: ALAS
2. Not tailor-made clothes: READYTOWEAR
3. Sergeant from the ranks (abb): NCO
4. Interesting places to visit: ATTRACTIONS
5. Complain, gripe: MOAN
6. Heated noisy row: ALTERCATION
7a. Actor's incidental remark: ASIDE
7d. Adjoins: ABUTS
8. Stadium: ARENA
9. Did something about it: ACTED
10. Allure: ATTRACT
11. Angry look: SCOWL
12. Eat slowly: CHEW
13. Quoted: CITED
14. Beautiful biblical garden: EDEN
15. Partook of food: ATE
16. Official money: LEGALTENDER

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