Daily Pop Crosswords May 10 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop May 10 2018 Answers

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  1. TV network that aired the original Charlie's Angels
  2. ___ finger (#1 fan's giant glove)
  3. Actor LaBeouf of 2017's Brog vs McEnroe
  4. Simon & Garfunkel e.g.
  5. Distinctive atmosphere
  6. Group with a Retirement Essentials blog
  7. Pipe with a 90-degree bend
  8. Reasons for extra innings
  9. Piggy bank opening
  10. Actress who played Sabrina Duncan on the original Charlie's Angel (2 wds.)
  11. Polish film that won the 2015 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film
  12. Shania Twain's ___ Man of Mine
  13. Woodwind instrument
  14. Where the Wild Things ___ (Maurice Sendak book)
  15. ____ Yes to the Dress (bridal-fashion show on TLC)
  16. Actress who played Jill Munroe on the original Charlie's Angels (2 wds.)
  17. The ___ Side (Gary Larson comic)
  18. Landed as a job
  19. Pay careful attention to
  20. ESPN reporter Paolantonio
  21. Letters before an alias on a wanted poster
  22. Actress who played Kelly Garrett on the original Charlie's Angels (2 wds.)
  23. The United States of ___ (Toni Collette series)
  24. ___ Nostra ( The Godfather society)
  25. It can be ___ little secret!
  26. Related (to)
  27. ___ the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz song)
  28. Daisy Ridley's Star Wars role
  29. Nappers catch them
  30. W on a light bulb
  31. Hurricane center

  1. Commercial suffix with Gator or Power
  2. Cheapest way to buy with in
  3. Dark soda
  4. Meant to be
  5. Message-spelling board
  6. Vicinity
  7. Maybelline product
  8. Cheeky
  9. Xbox video-game franchise set on ring-shaped worlds
  10. Food Network' ___ Chef Gauntlet
  11. Rental unit (Abbr.)
  12. Stadium level
  13. I ____ You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift hit song)
  14. Ferris Bueller's Day ___
  15. Sheep sound
  16. Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby
  17. Toward the back of the boat
  18. Witness
  19. Grabbed a bite
  20. Since January 1 in accounting (Abbr.)
  21. ____ in Calico (1940s hit song for Johnny Mercer) (2 wds.)
  22. Sports announcer Phil Rizzuto's exclamation (2 wds.)
  23. Spiced tea brewed in milk
  24. Checks the price of in a way
  25. Valuable quality
  26. Chain with a Smart Sense store brand
  27. Donnie Darko actor Gyllenhaal
  28. Soul singer India . ____
  29. ____ Scotia Canada
  30. Injured as a ligament
  31. One of the Donald Duck's nephews
  32. Spinning Looney Tunes creature familiarly
  33. Whiskey type

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