Daily Pop Crosswords June 7 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop June 7 2018 Answers

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  1. Young sheep
  2. Toy block brand in a 2014 hit film
  3. Papa's Got a Brand New ___ (James Brown hit song)
  4. National gemstone of Australia
  5. Field of Dreams actor James __ Jones
  6. World Cup cheer
  7. Country north of Chile
  8. General ___ chicken (Chinese menu item)
  9. Hawaii's Mauna ___ (world's largest active volcano)
  10. Singer with four #1 songs in the 1980s including I Just Called to Say I Love You (2 wds.)
  11. Command to Fido
  12. ___-cone (icy treat)
  13. Goody Two Shoes singer Adam
  14. Sports org. with Bucks and Bulls (Abbr.)
  15. Empire actor Diggs
  16. Singer with eight #1 songs in the 1980s including Faith (2 wds.)
  17. Online market for handmade crafts
  18. Campfire remains
  19. Hawaiian-style pizza topping
  20. Breaking Bad cable network
  21. Soft rock's ___ Supply
  22. Singer with five #1 songs in 1980s including All Night Long (2 wds.)
  23. Letter holder (Abbr.)
  24. Singer Lou or actress Donna
  25. ___ and ends
  26. Firefighter's tool
  27. California Dreamin singer Mama
  28. It's a __ deal
  29. TV channel for bargain hunters
  30. Falling ___ You (Celine Dion album)
  31. Growing Pains actor Thickie

  1. Chop (off) as a branch
  2. Planet of the ___ (1968 Charlton Heston film)
  3. Kwik-E- ____ (The Simpsons store)
  4. Nights in White Satin rock band The Moody ___
  5. Beatles song that begins When I find myself in times of trouble (3 wds.)
  6. At ___ soldier! (drill sergeant's command)
  7. Gets bigger
  8. Longtime The Price Is Right announcer Johnny
  9. The ___ and the Beatiful (CBS soap opera since 1987)
  10. ___ vera (skin cream ingredient)
  11. Machine part with teeth
  12. Actor Rhames of Pulp Fiction
  13. Actor Chris who played Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order in the 1990s
  14. Get on in years
  15. Volleyball court divider
  16. How-__ (books for handy types)
  17. Doctor's professional org. (Abbr.)
  18. That hits the spot! sound
  19. Affirmative vote
  20. Street name in some Wes Craven horror films
  21. Actress Meg of When Harry Met Sally .
  22. Mom's possible answer to Why? (3 wds.)
  23. Fashionable
  24. French Thanks
  25. ___ and jerk (weight lifting maneuver)
  26. The Mary Tyler Moore Show spinoff starring Valerie Harper
  27. Actress Remini of King of Queens
  28. What You Need rock band
  29. Cooking show appliance
  30. Take a break
  31. White Wedding singer Billy
  32. Teacher Krabappel on The Simpsons
  33. Capitol Hill (Abbr.)

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