Daily Pop Crosswords July 23 2018 Answers

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Daily Pop Crosswords July 23 2018 Answers

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  1. Regular pay
  2. Nervous spasms
  3. "The Big Bang Theory" network
  4. Secret scheme
  5. Food Network's "___ Chef America"
  6. Shriek of fear
  7. Classic TV series set in Korea
  8. Actress Kunis who voices Meg Griffin on "Family Guy"
  9. "Now I ___ me down to sleep . "
  10. NBC crime drama starring 32-Across and Ray Liotta (3 wds.)
  11. Morpheus's protégé in the "Matrix" films
  12. "The Golden Girls" actress McClanahan
  13. "Post-" opposite
  14. Fave texting bud
  15. Utah's Bonneville ___ Flats
  16. Singer/actress born July 24 1969 (2 wds.)
  17. Fizzy soft drink
  18. Yahtzee cube
  19. ___ de toilette
  20. "Pretty Little Liars" actor Harding with seven Teen Choice Awards
  21. Put down in slang
  22. NBC competition series featuring 32-Across and Ne-Yo as judges (3 wds.)
  23. "Men of a Certain Age" actor Romano
  24. Small perfume bottle
  25. Roof gutter locale
  26. "Mystery solved!"
  27. Beachy vacation spot
  28. Grew older
  29. Knock-knock joke finisher usually
  30. "The Jeffersons" producer Norman
  31. "Smallville" family name
  32. Typist's efficiency figure (Abbr.)
  33. Dramatic word of woe
  34. "Gee whiz"
  35. Agent Hunt played by Tom Cruise in the "Mission: Impossible" films
  36. Break from work (2 wds.)
  37. Eye part containing the pupil
  38. "The ___ Purple" (1985 Steven Spielberg film)
  39. Huge mess
  40. Prison unit
  41. Actor Bridges of Netflix's "Bloodline"
  42. "Say Anything." actress Ione
  43. "Entourage" actress Mazar
  44. "Eso ___" (Paul Anka song)
  45. Sleepover garments for short
  46. Rock's ___ Speedwagon
  47. Defensive lineman in football
  48. Served dinner to
  49. ___ Escape (PlayStation game with a rhyming name)
  50. "Orange Is the New Black" actress DeLaria
  51. Shih ___ (Tibetan dog breed)
  52. Finger or toe part
  53. "Batman" villain with "The"
  54. "Sar Wars: The Last Jedi" general played by Carrie Fisher
  55. Ibuprofen brand
  56. ___-canceling headphones
  57. ___ peek (preview)
  58. Rolled sandwich
  59. "Hawaii Five-O" island
  60. Host Seacrest of "American Idol"
  61. "Deck the Halls" syllables (2 wds.)
  62. Actor Nicolas of the "National Treasure" films
  63. "I can't ___" ("There are no words . ")
  64. Summer clock setting in Boston (Abbr.)

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