Daily Pop Crosswords July 1 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop July 1 2018 Answers

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  1. Haven't __ You Yet (Michael Buble song)
  2. Website with lots of celebrity gossip
  3. Small fruit pies
  4. Flight board abbreviation
  5. ___ Is I (Patricia T. O'Conner grammar guide)
  6. An ___ Husband (1999 film based on an Oscar Wilde play)
  7. Book reviewers
  8. Blockhead
  9. Novel about Cuban immigrants by Tom Wolfe (March 2 1930-May 14 2018) (3 wds.)
  10. Gets a smile out of
  11. Good Will Hunting school (Abbr.)
  12. Assign stars to
  13. Grab a chair
  14. First month (Abbr.)
  15. Oscar-winning space-age film based on a Tom Wolfe book (3 wds.)
  16. Amy to Meg or Beth in Little Women for short
  17. MBL division for the Mets and the Nats (Abbr.)
  18. Expect a Miracle: My Life and Ministry memoirist Roberts
  19. Stubborn __ mule (2 wds.)
  20. All __! (conductor's cry)
  21. Animated sitcom that featured Homer spilling chocolate on Tom Wolfe's trademark white suit (2 wds.)
  22. Muggy
  23. The O of Jackie O
  24. Shake as a police tail
  25. The p of mph
  26. Promise of repayment for short
  27. Thoughtful sort
  28. Chicago Med and Code Black settings (Abbr.)
  29. The Lead with Jake Tapper news channel

  1. Apple computer
  2. Write down the wrong answer
  3. Speeches of praise
  4. The Postman Always Rings ___ (James M. Cain noir novel)
  5. Pokes fun at
  6. You're not fully clean . soap
  7. Juicy morsels
  8. Character type never seen in Peanuts
  9. Nevada town known as The Biggest Little City in the World
  10. ___ Grande (Weird Al Yankovic spoof of Gerardo's Rico Suave)
  11. Vehicle in many a Jack London story
  12. Brand of stun gun
  13. Neglect to include
  14. Defence Against the Dark __ (subject taught at Hogwarts)
  15. When repeated a Hawaiian fish
  16. ___ Works Hard for the Money (Donna Summer hit song)
  17. Michael Crichton's ___ Park
  18. Way out yonder
  19. Canadian island on the Labrador Sea (Abbr.)
  20. Person in the know
  21. Rock genre involving flamboyant garb
  22. Roger Rabbit and Bugs Bunny
  23. Words intended only for the audience
  24. Actor Ed of Roots
  25. Wild hogs
  26. Joyce Carol Oates novel
  27. The Handmaid's Tale streaming service
  28. Flightless birds Down Under
  29. Olivia ___ Kerry Washington's role on Scandal
  30. Tiny charged particle
  31. Under the Tuscan ____ (Frances Mayes memoir)

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