Daily Pop Crosswords April 9 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop April 9 2018 Answers

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  1. Masters of the Universe hero (Hyph.)
  2. Mouse catcher
  3. Actor Christopher of Law and Order: SVU
  4. Former One Direction singer Zayn ___
  5. Child actor who plays 44-Across (2 wds.)
  6. Hotel lobby hangings
  7. Low military rank (Abbr.)
  8. The ___ of Night (TV series that ran for 28 seasons)
  9. Thorn's site on a rose
  10. The A of GPA (Abbr.)
  11. Party bowful with chips
  12. When am ___? (TV guest's question) (2 wds.)
  13. Zodiac sign of spring
  14. The Big Bang Theory actor who narrates 44-Across (2 wds.)
  15. Basic principle
  16. Mini-albums for short
  17. Cheering syllable
  18. Doo-wop's ___ Na Na
  19. Scissors sound
  20. Last name of baseball-playing brothers Matty Felipe and Jesús
  21. That's disgusting!
  22. Oscar-nominated director DuVernay
  23. The Big Bang Theory prequel starring 13-Across and 27-Across (2 wds.)
  24. Wake Up Little ___ (Every Brothers hit song)
  25. Whole
  26. Sinks out of sight as the sun
  27. Wander off course

  1. Barracuda rock band
  2. Upper crust of society
  3. Part of many long weekends (Abbr.)
  4. I think somebody needs ___! (You're so tired!) (2 wds.)
  5. Kurt Cobain's rock band
  6. Brief OMG! Spare me!
  7. Do a TV critic's job
  8. 1992 Disney film featuring a magic lamp
  9. Toes to tots
  10. Actress Sara and Wasikowska
  11. Paying for ___ (Jessica Biel/Gerard Butler romcom)
  12. Total Request Live network
  13. Performer who uses body language
  14. Quick intake of breath
  15. Acts on a preference
  16. The Joy of Painting host Bob
  17. Resentfully envious
  18. Done by an organization's own staff
  19. Gets through to
  20. Fast-food carries
  21. To each___ own
  22. Gymnast Comaneci with five Olympic gold medals
  23. Soap whose first slogan was It floats!
  24. Piece of glass
  25. Self-storage compartment
  26. Smallville family name
  27. Some washers and dryers for short
  28. Message that may be SWAK (Abbr.)

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