Crossword Champ Pro May 23 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro May 23 2018 Answers

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  1. Docs for dachshunds
  2. Clobber with eggs
  3. Not exactly a spring chicken
  4. Picky eater?
  5. Sandwich creme cookie
  6. Far out!
  7. Confused jumble
  8. Do business
  9. Had hash perhaps
  10. Albanian cash
  11. Dictator's order
  12. Goes kaput
  13. Purges
  14. Does a Photoshop task
  15. Wash before operating
  16. Something to crunch
  17. Pre-calculus calculation
  18. Double header?
  19. Prefix for bucks
  20. Lodging location
  21. South Asian chant word
  22. Combat venue
  23. Accelerator bit
  24. Big galoots
  25. Norma ___ (Sally Field role)
  26. Hebrew month before Tishrei
  27. Could be construed as
  28. Slowly to Sibelius
  29. Snakebite additive
  30. Strip under a mattress
  31. Mutual fund sales fee
  32. Paint none too delicately
  33. Lively dance of the 1960s
  34. Close one these days
  35. Wall art?
  36. Impostors
  37. Vocabulaire entry
  38. Respiratory ailments
  39. Stewed
  40. Platform for Pate or Murphy
  41. Rogen of Neighbors
  42. Leave in as text

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