Crossword Champ Pro March 2 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro March 2 2018 Answers

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  1. Section in some supermarkets
  2. Scout's mission
  3. Blows away
  4. Primeval paradise
  5. Ooze out slowly
  6. Song with a cadenza perhaps
  7. Cutting part
  8. Man's man-servant
  9. Ray-Ban replacement piece
  10. Buzzer
  11. Trudge (through) as puddles
  12. Like a pomegranate
  13. Herr Hadyn affectionately
  14. It can cure many things
  15. High-spirited horse
  16. Golf shoe projection
  17. Castaway's home
  18. Toy you can do tricks with
  19. Kind of boot
  20. Last syllable in a word
  21. Soft plug
  22. Part of like a practical joke
  23. Roadside stand units
  24. Asian domestics
  25. Charleston campus
  26. Half of the integers
  27. Like printing-press smudges
  28. Nasal hollows
  29. Jelly fruit
  30. Editorial department
  31. Instinctive desire
  32. Overhead
  33. Dutch or toaster
  34. Shopping place
  35. Point of depression
  36. News source
  37. More than tickle
  38. Hepburn's co-star
  39. Knocked off the vampire

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