Crossword Champ Pro March 18 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro March 18 2018 Answers

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  1. Subj. of Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
  2. Glues
  3. Vanessa Paradis song Les ___
  4. American songbirds
  5. Actress Holm
  6. Instrument whose name means little goose
  7. Fort ___ (former California installation)
  8. Tympanic membrane
  9. Rug rat
  10. Type of type
  11. Pool table cushions informally
  12. The Old Sod
  13. Like a crime-ridden neighborhood
  14. Worcestershire sauce ingredient
  15. Recuperation modes
  16. Carpenter at times
  17. Perennial best-seller subjects
  18. One who gets what's coming
  19. Hair care tool
  20. Bookstore passageway
  21. Humorous works
  22. Like most standardized tests
  23. Undo (Prefix)
  24. Knells
  25. Tricksters
  26. Doozies
  27. Respond to the end of Titanic I suppose
  28. State since Dec. 14 1819
  29. ___ as doth the Bee: Dickinson
  30. Eau de ___ (brandy)
  31. Say it again
  32. Totem pole's story sometimes
  33. Nods
  34. Needle point?
  35. Sight hearing and others
  36. Receives as a visitor

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