Crossword Champ Pro June 12 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro June 12 2018 Answers

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  1. Tangy fruit pastry filling
  2. Physical say
  3. There might be one after a bridge
  4. The Rice Krispies mascots e.g.
  5. Georgia neighbor
  6. Amazon icon
  7. Raskolnikov's love in Crime and Punishment
  8. City whose name is pronounced like the natives' word for Where is .?
  9. Something an aichmophobe fears briefly
  10. Old mount
  11. Grandmotherly plaints
  12. Abbr. at the end of some crossword clues
  13. 2003 Billy Bob Thornton crime film
  14. Language of Middle-earth
  15. Craigslist section
  16. It's usually closed before leaving
  17. Playground retort
  18. Ax
  19. Presidential debate mo.
  20. Father of Paris
  21. What may accompany a salute
  22. With 51-Across end of the London blitz?
  23. Ruler with a palace near St. Mark's
  24. San Diego's ___ Pines site of the 2008 U.S. Open
  25. Prerequisites for some overseas travel
  26. On the q.t.
  27. See 44-Across
  28. New informally
  29. Valley girl's no
  30. Cry over spilled milk?
  31. Kung Pao chicken ingredient
  32. Solstice time
  33. Literally different lizard
  34. Some extracts
  35. Advice of caution to a beginner
  36. Midwest squad
  37. Bizarre and alienating

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