Crossword Champ Pro July 3 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro July 3 2018 Answers

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  1. Bivouac maybe
  2. Presses
  3. Classic parental advice to bored children
  4. Needle
  5. Line of suits?
  6. 1970s NBC courtroom drama
  7. Tacoma-to-Spokane dir.
  8. Lupin of fiction
  9. Scheming
  10. ___ finger
  11. Bond phrase
  12. 20-Across e.g. informally
  13. Gramps to Gunter
  14. Wise
  15. Standard offspring
  16. Wordsworth or Coleridge
  17. String bean's opposite
  18. Phrase from Virgil appropriate for Valentine's Day
  19. Favorites
  20. Handy work in a theater?
  21. Gifts of flowers
  22. Carly ___ Jepsen singer with the 2012 album Kiss
  23. Yamaguchi's 1992 Olympics rival
  24. Agent of psychedelic therapy
  25. Unhinged
  26. Pig leader?
  27. Spanish name suffix
  28. Dr. Seuss title character
  29. Liquor letters
  30. ___ Vedra Beach Fla.
  31. Entrepreneur who's well-supplied?
  32. Full-length
  33. Going nowhere
  34. Cold forecast
  35. Clever thinking!

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