Crossword Champ Pro July 25 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro July 25 2018 Answers

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  1. Capital of Uganda
  2. Radio operator
  3. Syringe units briefly
  4. Whoops!
  5. Peyton's QB brother
  6. Chaney of horror films
  7. ___ pink
  8. Fruitcake
  9. Where sailors go
  10. Number pad locale for short
  11. Geometric calculation
  12. It's not preferred for investors
  13. Station on the Alaska Highway
  14. Bather's exfoliant
  15. Peeved
  16. Clear the board
  17. Full
  18. Sweetheart
  19. Full complement of dwarfs
  20. 1963 John Wayne comedy western
  21. Chemical twin
  22. Thumbs-up responses
  23. Spot at the front of a theater
  24. Bone below the elbow
  25. SEAL's org.
  26. ___ Murphy W.W. II hero
  27. It may be read to a miscreant
  28. Half moon?
  29. Odd or even in roulette
  30. Swelling reducer
  31. Like some women's shoes
  32. Praiseful verse
  33. Palme ___ (Cannes award)
  34. What a multiplex has a multiplicity of

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