Crossword Champ Pro August 3 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro August 3 2018 Answers

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  1. Blow gently
  2. One younger than ewe?
  3. Numbskull
  4. Word with disaster or wilderness
  5. Jai ___ (fast-paced court game)
  6. Kind of warrior
  7. Start of a quip
  8. Fanatic
  9. "Hook" character
  10. "To each ___ own"
  11. Word with safe or fair
  12. Jack's predecessor
  13. Gillette razor
  14. Quip part 2
  15. Words with "quite contrary"
  16. "This was ___ finest hour" (Churchill)
  17. "Peter Pan" character
  18. Disputed matter
  19. Mythical monsters
  20. Informal goodbyes
  21. Walking the picket line perhaps
  22. Quip part 3
  23. Source of fiber
  24. Verse type
  25. ___ in Frank
  26. NYPD alert
  27. Site of a historic exile
  28. Narrow ravine
  29. Ending of quip
  30. Chip away at as confidence
  31. Sir Geraint's wife
  32. Brief bio essentially
  33. Drainage system
  34. New entrants into society briefly
  35. Last word of a holiday song title

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