Crossword Champ Pro April 26 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro April 26 2018 Answers

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  1. Turn on the waterworks
  2. Surface-to-surface missile
  3. A pink one means trouble
  4. Down in the dumps
  5. Word before ant or brat
  6. Piano piece?
  7. It's involved in inspiration
  8. Gloomy Gus
  9. Superman who was a super man
  10. PC bailout
  11. Shape with cutting blows
  12. She's a deer
  13. Actress Ryan
  14. '. ___ angels fear to tread'
  15. KO caller
  16. 'Not only that .'
  17. Tease mercilessly
  18. Warm up for short
  19. Naval post?
  20. Listen to
  21. Connors of 'Mannix'
  22. Man in a lodge
  23. Scrapes and scratches
  24. Finder's charge
  25. Cat's eye sometimes
  26. Eyelid attachment
  27. Kind of calendar
  28. Ballyhoo
  29. Spanish title of respect
  30. Not the other guy
  31. 'Caught you!'
  32. Party throwers
  33. Backboard attachment
  34. Bluto's assent
  35. 'I wonder.'
  36. Come to pass
  37. Islamic chiefs
  38. Quaker's address
  39. Triangular sail insert
  40. He'll take your car
  41. Select
  42. Declare openly
  43. Dole (out)
  44. Believed
  45. Obtain

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