Crossword Champ Pro April 21 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro April 21 2018 Answers

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  1. Many a carnival game
  2. Former Turkish honcho
  3. Kind of European
  4. Wonderland tea party critter
  5. In base 8
  6. Manhandle horribly
  7. Performs a part
  8. Tests that allow talking
  9. Raised at a ranch
  10. Wrongdoer's bane
  11. Farrah's one-time husband
  12. Hinny's mother
  13. Learn to get along
  14. Word with black and boot
  15. Greeting bearer
  16. Part of a baby bottle
  17. 1982 Grandmaster Flash hit 'The ___'
  18. Place setting for forks
  19. Professionals who might get your back up?
  20. Unlike Bryn Mawr College
  21. Like Castro or Lincoln
  22. Beginnings of embryos
  23. Ambassador's forte
  24. Bassoonist's needs
  25. Deep layer of skin
  26. Large ornamental vase
  27. By way of to a travel agent
  28. Mottled inlay material
  29. Con's confinement
  30. Coming or going word
  31. Figurative albatross
  32. Look at lasciviously
  33. Churlish canine
  34. Second-brightest star
  35. Pole workers' creations
  36. Glides high into the sky
  37. ___ of Solomon

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