Crossword Champ Pro April 13 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro April 13 2018 Answers

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  1. Erupt
  2. Finger noise
  3. Marginally enough
  4. Gown fabric
  5. Lounge about
  6. Soothes
  7. Where lederhosen are worn stereotypically
  8. Shortest-named Great Lake
  9. One who makes your skin crawl
  10. Yankees' third baseman
  11. In ____ (late with payment)
  12. Rugby play
  13. Superintendent
  14. More than vexation
  15. Portrait sculpture
  16. Trick taker often
  17. Tapering church feature
  18. What laundry detergent is meant to remove
  19. ____-Hoop
  20. Afternoon movie
  21. Sights in Shaker Heights
  22. Raw metals
  23. Shakespearean lament
  24. Airborne
  25. Fine stone
  26. Urgent abbr.
  27. Game with Wild Draw Four cards
  28. Warning
  29. Nov. preceder
  30. Hollywood wannabe
  31. Toy racer (2 wds.)
  32. Composure
  33. Africa's longest river
  34. Land unit
  35. Earnestness
  36. Baby's piggies
  37. Army mascot
  38. Typical Nome winter highs
  39. Six-legged soldiers
  40. Winged god who's a symbol of romance

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