Crossword Champ Premium February 13 2018 Answers

Greeting everyone, you will find all the Crossword Champ Premium February 13 2018 Answers solutions and cheats. It is the sequels and you have to guess all the answers correctly in separate levels. Some are pretty easy in the beginning, and slowly they become harder. We have decided to post Crossword Champ Premium February 13 2018 Answers answers in case you miss something to help you out quickly.

Crossword Champ Premium February 13 2018 Answers

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  1. Budgets make them meet
  2. Dividing membranes
  3. Bishop Desmond
  4. Last of Great Britain's King Henrys
  5. Was a snoop
  6. Not quite yet
  7. Under the table
  8. Tough spot
  9. Payers of flat fees?
  10. Tubby moniker
  11. Way to get to the top perhaps
  12. Holy chalice of legend
  13. Gratifying
  14. Durable fiber
  15. Tobacco pipe part
  16. Slimy stuff
  17. Steers clear of
  18. Paint basecoat
  19. Debussy's 'La ___'
  20. 'Clumsy me!'
  21. Stringed Renaissance instruments
  22. Take a night stroll you won't remember
  23. Responded to reveille
  24. Spare parts source
  25. Grimm goons
  26. Rock climber's need
  27. Secular
  28. Fancy pastry
  29. Dryer residue
  30. Flying solo
  31. Model companion
  32. 'No ifs ___ or buts!'
  33. Plods as through mud
  34. Responded 'Not guilty'

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