Crossword Champ Premium February 12 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium February 12 2018 Answers

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  1. Part of ROM
  2. Former Turkish official
  3. Provides weapons to
  4. Very top
  5. Gave a ticket to
  6. First quarter moon tide
  7. Air current caused by a propeller
  8. Bombay garment
  9. Committee
  10. Preserve from loss
  11. Sir Christopher the architect
  12. Muscle tension
  13. More thickheaded
  14. Not so colorful
  15. Khan had plenty
  16. Mischief-makers
  17. Plant yielding senna
  18. Classical beginning
  19. Take away from
  20. Most bohemian
  21. Hoedown honey
  22. Fireman's tool
  23. Alfalfa once
  24. Waist strap
  25. Tearing up
  26. Add-on for Congo
  27. Graceful women
  28. Human trunk
  29. Out-of-focus picture
  30. 100-0 e.g.
  31. Bit of fact
  32. Former capital of Italy?
  33. Frequently traveled highway
  34. Sign to be interpreted
  35. Colorful eel
  36. Lasting starter?
  37. Dermatologist's concern
  38. Rattle on
  39. Plagued by drought

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