Crossword Champ Premium December 8 2017 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium December 8 2017 Answers

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  1. Cartoonist voice _ Blanc
  2. Small quarrel
  3. Hiding places for outlaws
  4. ___ Maria
  5. Ethiopian city capital of Harari
  6. Johnson of Laugh-In
  7. Welt
  8. Place in a line
  9. Clip
  10. Paper fasteners
  11. Stop
  12. Part of HMS perhaps
  13. A female animal or person
  14. Expire
  15. Painter Guido (1575-1642)
  16. Leg joint
  17. Title for a knight
  18. Food allowance for one day
  19. Heredity factor (abbr.)
  20. Mature
  21. Make improvements or corrections to
  22. Armed conflict
  23. Groovy apt.
  24. Break
  25. Eastern Standard Time (abbr.)
  26. Edible starchy tuberous root
  27. Table seasoning
  28. For each
  29. Born
  30. Pipe bend
  31. Flew
  32. Deli grouping
  33. Writer Wiesel
  34. Declaim
  35. Afresh
  36. Gone
  37. Swept the length of
  38. Separate the seeds from cotton
  39. Sense of smell
  40. Chow _
  41. Compass dir.

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