Crossword Champ March 27 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ March 27 2018 Answers

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  1. Mystery writer John Dickson ___
  2. Planets and such
  3. Podded plant
  4. Not windward
  5. Medical breakthrough
  6. Caribou kin
  7. Ancient mariner
  8. Large arboreal boa
  9. Alternative to a convertible
  10. Exclamation of annoyance
  11. Uncovered
  12. Clear the slate
  13. Muumuu go-with
  14. Dusk to dawn
  15. Deity
  16. Bristle
  17. Smelter input
  18. Strange
  19. Hi-___ graphics
  20. Harsh
  21. Dissenting vote
  22. Swedish money
  23. Drop from the eye
  24. Relocate
  25. Nobility
  26. Aromatic bark used as a spice
  27. Seed coat
  28. Groove-billed ___
  29. Donate
  30. Andes capital
  31. Paternity identifier
  32. State in France
  33. Schooner part
  34. Mystery writer John Dickson ___
  35. Planets and such
  36. Podded plant
  37. Not windward
  38. Medical breakthrough
  39. Caribou kin
  40. Ancient mariner
  41. Large arboreal boa
  42. Alternative to a convertible
  43. Exclamation of annoyance
  44. Uncovered
  45. Clear the slate
  46. Muumuu go-with
  47. Dusk to dawn
  48. Deity
  49. Bristle
  50. Smelter input
  51. Strange
  52. Hi-___ graphics
  53. Harsh
  54. Dissenting vote
  55. Swedish money
  56. Drop from the eye
  57. Relocate
  58. Nobility
  59. Aromatic bark used as a spice
  60. Seed coat
  61. Groove-billed ___
  62. Donate
  63. Andes capital
  64. Paternity identifier
  65. State in France
  66. Schooner part

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