Room Escape Brainstorm Season 1 Walkthrough

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Room Escape Brainstorm Season 1 Walkthrough

Room Escape Brainstorm Season 1 Walkthrough

Stage 1

Follow the tutorial and you will find the key inside the bicycle. Open the door to move to Stage 2

Stage 2

Zoom in on the table. Click on the fruits. Below it you will find a hidden object. Take it and then go back. Use the fishing rod to get an old boot from the sea. Go near the door and collect the wood. Then go at the tent to get the head of the shovel. Pick up the wood from your menu and form the shovel. Then move the chair so you can dig and get the box.

The box is locked with a code. Go near the door. On the wall there is a picture with 4 different fish. Each of the fish has different lines on their backs. The code is 9645, Open the box and get the knife. Use the other part from your inventory to form the whole knife. Then cut the boot so you get the key. Thats it, you have now passed Stage 2 of Room Escape Brainstorm Season 1.

More stages are coming soon so please bear with us while we solve each of the stages of this amazing game!

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