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Definitionado Answers

Definitionado Answers Level 1

Level 1 Question 1: Many things are said to taste like it: Chicken
Level 1 Question 2: Women glow, men perspire, and pigs do this: Sweat
Level 1 Question 3: Known to fly when we're having fun: Time
Level 1 Question 4: Years before it itches: Seven
Level 1 Question 5: The customer and the boss is always said to be: Right
Level 1 Question 6: One in need is one indeed: Friend
Level 1 Question 7: Someone else we'd like to blame when there's no one but ourselves to blame: Scapegoat
Level 1 Question 8: Chasing a wild one is waste of one's time and effort: Goose
Level 1 Question 9: What justice and love is: Blind
Level 1 Question 10: What the breadwinner brings home surprisingly,it isn't bread: Bacon
Level 1 Question 11: Said to be man's best friend: Dog
Level 1 Question 12: Has a silver lining: Cloud
Level 1 Question 13: When it's meant only for me: Private
Level 1 Question 14: What you turn to gain advantage: Tables
Level 1 Question 15: Likes to repeat; also means to repeat: Parrot
Level 1 Question 16: It's not good to have one when it's flat: Tire
Level 1 Question 17: Known to have teeth, but not the type for a dentist, though perhaps for a barber: Comb
Level 1 Question 18: The fall of one is said to have led to the discovery of gravity: Apple
Level 1 Question 19: Is sweet and is best served cold: Revenge
Level 1 Question 20: The apparent worth of your thoughts: Penny
Level 1 Question 21: My unsolicited opinion is worth two of these thereby destroying the theory of supply and demand: Cents
Level 1 Question 22: The shape of a good meal: Square
Level 1 Question 23: It is said there is a pot of gold at the end of this, though nobody said at which end: Rainbow
Level 1 Question 24: Said to occupy the stomach in some instances, though no one has seen any inside one: Butterflies
Level 1 Question 25: No time like this one: Present
Level 1 Question 26: From a Greek word that means 'I have found it': Eureka
Level 1 Question 27: Once meant house owner, which was a desirable choice for some women back then: Husband
Level 1 Question 28: Once simply meant a woman, but later meant a status of sorts: Wife
Level 1 Question 29: Not meant for pickles, but for when a door is slightly open: Ajar
Level 1 Question 30: Once meant to kill one in ten, but now means to kill or destroy most of something - maybe nine in ten: Decimate
Level 1 Question 31: Where fire is: Smoke
Level 1 Question 32: A head of hair that isn't yours: Wig
Level 1 Question 33: When i treat your work or idea like its my own: Plagiarism
Level 1 Question 34: I am this if I ask you to do as I say and not as I do: Hypocrite
Level 1 Question 35: A term of endearment that is also a sweetener: Honey
Level 1 Question 36: What you shouldn't do to a book when all you've seen is its cover: Judge
Level 1 Question 37: From two French words that mean 'present yourselves': Rendezvous
Level 1 Question 38: Once meant to purify something, now it means doing your other business: Defecate
Level 1 Question 39: Used to mean a person of grotesque appearance, now usually means any man: Guy
Level 1 Question 40: Once meant a gallant fellow, now signifies to a tyrant or tormentor: Bully

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