Daily Pop Crosswords May 21 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop May 21 2018 Answers

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  1. So-so report card games
  2. Many a character on The Americans
  3. Actor Ed who played Lou Grant
  4. Actor William with a Recurring role on the FX series Damages
  5. Actress Leoni of Madam Secretary
  6. Look without blinking
  7. R&B's India. ___
  8. Subject of Indiana Jones's quest
  9. Subject for discussion
  10. Convent in London's East End where much of 32-Across takes place (2 wds.)
  11. Writer/actor Michael of Saturday Night Live
  12. The Honeymooners actor Carney
  13. Barbecue spot
  14. MacLaren's of How I Met Your Mother for one
  15. Actor Jeong of Community
  16. BBC drama featuring Sister Julienne. Sister Monica Joan and nurses Trixie and Chummy (3 wds.)
  17. ___ fly (hit that yields an RBI for short)
  18. Grain in Cheerios
  19. Event for a Comedy Central special
  20. Venomous snake
  21. Great score from a judge on Dancing with the Stars
  22. Former nurse whose memoirs inspired 32-Across and the character played by Jessica Raine (2 wds.)
  23. Nick who works at night?
  24. Luke Cage and House of Cards actor Mahershala
  25. Norm's unseen wife on Cheers
  26. Word before peace or child
  27. Brief If you ask me (even if you didn't)
  28. Grade school (Abbr.)
  29. Actress Witherspoon of Wild
  30. ___ Angeles California
  31. Loaves that may have seeds

  1. Actor/stuntman Jackie of the Rush Hour films
  2. Currency symbolized by ,
  3. Blue Bloods daughter played by Bridget Moynahan
  4. Template used in many HGTV decorating projects
  5. Hawaii or Alaska
  6. Limka's country
  7. Gabs and gabs
  8. Financier John Jacob who was abroad the Tutanic
  9. Dark beer
  10. Gets some shut-eye
  11. Name of a Great Lake and a New York canal
  12. Shortened word on a DVR remote control
  13. Cat on ___ Tin Roof (Tennessee Williams play) (2 wds.)
  14. Dancer and WWI spy Mata __
  15. Products by Lenovo and Dell for short
  16. Roadside assistance group (Abbr.)
  17. Pamering treatment for short
  18. The Golden Girls actress Arthur
  19. Quantity (Abbr.)
  20. Sportage automaker
  21. Bad report card grades
  22. What often comes between Venus and Serena Williams?
  23. Pueblo-dwelling people
  24. The Price Is Right host Carey
  25. Gained the support of (2 wds.)
  26. Gets the poker kitty going
  27. Hunter's trao
  28. Pop's Bananarama and Destiny's Child
  29. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress Krakowski
  30. Feminizing suffix
  31. Earn too many 30-Down say
  32. Red Muppet with a pet goldfish named Dorothy
  33. Lean (on)
  34. One __ Hill (teen drama of the 2000s)
  35. Overacting actors
  36. Marcie's title for Peppermint Patty

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