Daily Pop Crosswords March 6 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop March 6 2018 Answers

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  1. Moulin Rouge! director Luhrmann
  2. Get a fresh with
  3. The ____ Parsons Project (Eye in the Sky rock group)
  4. Flightless bird on Australias coat of arms
  5. Not at all droopy
  6. Summertime Sadness singer/songwriter Del Rey
  7. Into the Badlands cable network
  8. Alices Restaurant chronicler Guthrie
  9. Dealdash offers
  10. Top 10 single from Justin Timberlakes debut solo album Justified (3 wds)
  11. ___ Hers (1994 Pulp album) (2 wds)
  12. Upper appendage
  13. Electricity gas or water (Abbr)
  14. Whats My ___ Again? (Blink-182 song)
  15. Poker winnings
  16. 2018 Justin Timberlake album (2 wds)
  17. Smart Wheel of Fortune vowel purchase for F_LM CR_T_C (2 wds)
  18. Of Thee I Sing lyricist Gershwin
  19. On a cruise ship say
  20. ___-erase board
  21. Stuff to the gills
  22. Top 10 single from 29-Across (2 wds)
  23. Crossword legend Reagle featured in the film Wordplay
  24. Give It ___ Me (2009 Shakira/Lil Wayne song) (2 wds)
  25. Pop-folk singer Williams
  26. Princess who told Han Solo Id just as soon kiss a Wookiee
  27. 2013 Lorde hit song
  28. Tracy Chapmans Give Me ___ Reason
  29. Breakfast cereal fiber
  30. Military three-stripers (Abbr)
  31. Criticize nonstop

  1. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy ___ (Elvis Presley #1 hit song)
  2. Peas for some shooters
  3. Summer squash used in ratatouille
  4. Sticks around
  5. Tell it Like it is crooner __ Neville
  6. Star Trek shipmate of McCoy Spock and Kirk
  7. What attics are used for
  8. Tuesdays with Morrie memoirist Mitch
  9. UInstalled as floor tile
  10. Tim Robbinss Shawshank Redemption role
  11. Life Is Good Grammy-nominated rapper
  12. Approximately 22 pounds briefly
  13. Make as coffe
  14. Actress Thurman of Henry & June
  15. Sunbathing result
  16. Band that won six MTV Video Music Awards for Take On Me in 1986 (Hyph)
  17. The ___ Adventure (1972 disaster film about a sinking ship)
  18. ___ to Joy (common name of the final movement of Bethhovens Ninth Symphony)
  19. Airport security org Chriss friend Rod works for in Get Out (Abbr)
  20. Many Christmas trees
  21. Auditions
  22. Swearing-in statement
  23. Lay Lady Lay singer Bob
  24. Tuned to as a radio dial (2 wds)
  25. Elemental particles
  26. Crystal ball consulter
  27. Opera showstopper
  28. Comprerssed audio/video file format
  29. Grandkid spoiler often
  30. NFL on CBS play-by-play announcer Gumbel
  31. World Series org (Abbr)

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