Daily Pop Crosswords March 16 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop March 16 2018 Answers

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  1. Distressed maiden in fairy tales
  2. Give a good talking-to
  3. Animated film franchise featuring a mammoth named Manny (2 wds.)
  4. Blender setting for making baby food
  5. 2018 Best Actress Oscar nominee for I Tonya (2 wds.)
  6. The E of the HOMES mnemonic
  7. Star Trek co-star of Nimony and Shelter
  8. Quiet on the ___! (directors cry)
  9. Boy with a dragon in a Disney classic film
  10. Long sandwich
  11. Driveway covering
  12. Get ready for the camera
  13. 2018 Best Actress Oscar nominee for Lady Bird ( 2 wds.)
  14. Word in a concert albums title often
  15. Slangy You got it!
  16. Bullfight cry
  17. Credit card option familiarly
  18. TSA employee (Abbr.)
  19. ___ Without a Cause (1955 film)
  20. Do as ones told
  21. 2018 Best Actress Oscar nominee for The Shape of Water (2 wds.)
  22. ___ Wife (1999 bestselling novel inspired by Moby-Dick)
  23. Pizza chain in many mall food courts
  24. Spanish small plates
  25. Actress Panettiere who plays Bet Cooper in I Love You Beth Cooper

  1. Thin coins
  2. Without ___ in the world (2 wds.)
  3. Be worthy of
  4. Herb in a Simon & Garnfunkel song
  5. Self-importance
  6. Mail carriers sackful
  7. Part of a bicycle wheel
  8. Rubiks puzzle
  9. Singer Roy of the Traveling Wilburys
  10. Neckwear made of plumeria blossoms
  11. American Gangster Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Ruby
  12. Long-tailed rodent
  13. Golf score benchmark
  14. Surfins ___ (1963 Top 10 song of the Beach Boys)
  15. Two-time Oscar winner Affleck
  16. Even score
  17. _____-Tarts (Kelloggs breakfast pastries)
  18. Caution to drivers for short
  19. Feel crummy
  20. Share some of the same space
  21. Place for mascara
  22. My Fair Lady Best Actor Oscar winner Harrison
  23. Bottomless gulf
  24. Ive seen better
  25. ____ Without Wings (Celtic Thunder song) (2 wds.)
  26. History or mystery e.g.
  27. Sounder Best Actress Oscar nominee Cicely
  28. Thor Ragnarok actor Idris
  29. That works for me
  30. Grabbed a chair
  31. Take On Me rock band (Hyph.)
  32. Fighters org. (Abbr.)

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