Daily Pop Crosswords June 12 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop June 12 2018 Answers

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  1. Happy hour spot
  2. The Power to Surprise automaker
  3. Deadliest Catch boatload
  4. Setting in many TV medical dramas (Abbr.)
  5. Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the ___ of Love
  6. Adele song that won the 2016 Record of the Year and Song of the Year Grammy Awards
  7. Real
  8. __ Sandman (Metallica song)
  9. Twenty One Pilots single from Blurryface with the lyric I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words (2 wds.)
  10. James Cameron film set on the moon Pandora
  11. Scale amounts (Abbr.)
  12. Swanky party
  13. Hey ewe!
  14. Bali ___ (song from South Pacific)
  15. Twenty One Pilots single from Blurryface with the lyrics The songs on the radio are okay/ But my taste in music is your face (4 wds.)
  16. Be on the lookout police message for short
  17. I ___ the Light (Todd Rundgren song)
  18. Little White ___ (One Direction song)
  19. Long-running PBS documentary film series
  20. Jubilant cry
  21. Twenty One Pilots single from Blurryface with the lyric Yo this song will never be on the radio (2 wds.)
  22. Four-time Grammy-winning R&B artist __. Arie
  23. Creature comfort at a hotel e.g.
  24. Guinness Irish ___
  25. Under the ___ (song from The Little Mermaid)
  26. Word preceding a maiden name
  27. Siddartha novelist Hermann
  28. ID in the form xxx-xx-xxxx (Abbr.)
  29. Singers Ames and Sheeran

  1. Life After Death rapper The Notorious __
  2. Kiss guitarist Frehley
  3. Buys drinks on credit at the 1-Across (3 wds.)
  4. The Imitation Game actress Knightley
  5. Word before ear or tube
  6. Citrus drinks for short
  7. Endangered cat that run about 70 mph
  8. Rips to shreds
  9. Silicon Valley's Palo __
  10. __ cheese dressing
  11. Put laundry into piles say
  12. Say
  13. Rock to music
  14. Mennen shaving balm
  15. HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  16. Big letters in luxury autos
  17. It may recede with age
  18. Bob Dylan's The Times They ___-Changin (2 wds.)
  19. The ___-bitsy spider .
  20. Place in quarantine
  21. Unlikely military force for a landlocked nation
  22. Big name in online financial services
  23. Toyota hybrid
  24. Residences
  25. Get Outta My Dreams Get into My Car singer Billy
  26. The surf of surf and turf
  27. Poker game starter
  28. Wedding vows (2 wds.)
  29. Young lady
  30. Rock band ___ Leo and the Pharmacists
  31. Owner of a Lonely Heart prog-rock band

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