Daily Pop Crosswords July 28 2018 Answers

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Daily Pop Crosswords July 28 2018 Answers

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  1. Rescue squad pros (Abbr.)
  2. ___ story (tale of woe)
  3. "Too funny!" (Hyph.)
  4. "___ of Many Colors" (Dolly Parton song)
  5. Number of referees in an NHL game
  6. The "A" of A-Rod
  7. Soccer star with two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup title born July 30 1981 (2 wds.)
  8. Alaskan city that hosts the Iditarod's finish line
  9. Comparable to with "with" (3 wds.)
  10. Baltimore Ravens mascot named for an author
  11. Tennis star with an Olympic gold medal and 21 Grand Slam doubles titles born July 4 1962 (2 wds.)
  12. E! Online subject for short
  13. Phi Beta Kappa symbol
  14. Lamb's mom
  15. eBay condition
  16. "___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (1970s bestseller)
  17. ___ on (trampled)
  18. Chef Remy in a Pixar film e.g.
  19. "A ___ Good Men" (Tom Cruise film)
  20. Security breaches
  21. Basketball star with four Olympic gold medals and two WNBA titles born July 7 1972 (2 wds.)
  22. Actress Lucy of "Elementary"
  23. Day for bonnets and bunnies
  24. Covered the tab
  25. Double trap- and skeet-shooting star with three gold Olympic medals and six national championship titles born July 16 1979 (2 wds.)
  26. Renaissance Faire sign word
  27. Conservationist's prefix
  28. Mr. Wednesday's real identity in "American Gods"
  29. Fare in some eating contests
  30. High-ranking military officer (Abbr.)
  31. "The Wizard of Oz" pooch
  32. Yodeler's feedback
  33. NFL star Warren who was the first African-American quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  34. Spanish appetizer
  35. Resigned with "down"
  36. SportsCenter anchor Hannah
  37. Bird who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood
  38. Sound from an angry crowd
  39. Capital of Vietnam
  40. Natural burn balm (2 wds.)
  41. Skirt's bottom edge
  42. Tin Woodman's tool
  43. Swedish automaker
  44. Act like a snoop
  45. Misrepresents as data
  46. Barnyard bird
  47. "Star Wars" critter who lives on Endor
  48. MLB team whose last World Series championship was in 1990
  49. Biceps exercise
  50. Actor Morales who plays Tony Rodriguez on "NYPD Blue"
  51. Ignore in a way (2 wds.)
  52. New York's Tappan ___ Bridge
  53. Opening stroke of a golf game (2 wds.)
  54. Seasonal malady
  55. Perjurer
  56. Senate staffers
  57. Yellow fruit
  58. Type of list (Hyph.)
  59. Word processor menu including Cut and Paste
  60. Janet who was the first female attorney general
  61. "Hop on ___" (classic Dr. Seuss book)
  62. Surname of boxers Muhammad and Laila
  63. Beer barrel
  64. Hockey playing surface

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