Daily Pop Crosswords February 18 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop February 18 2018 Answers

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  1. Live by Night actress Fanning
  2. The Film-____ Man (1967 George C.Scott film)
  3. Lady Windermeres ____ (Oscar Wilde play)
  4. Part of speech thats the subject of a sentence typically
  5. Winter Olympics sled
  6. Actor Wallach of The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  7. Allergy tigger often
  8. Knitters bundle
  9. Treatment from Dr. Mom for short
  10. Novel by 44-Across about an African-American girl in 1940s Ohio (3 wds.)
  11. Fish eggs that may be served with sushi
  12. Sideburn neighbor
  13. Blindspot network
  14. 2010 Best New Artist Grammy winners ___ Brown Band
  15. Othello villain who saysO beware my lord of jealousy
  16. Novel by 44-Across about an African-American man in 1930s-1960s Michigan (3 wds.)
  17. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant novelist Tyler
  18. Never Have Your Dog Stuffed And Other Things ___ Learned (Alan Alda memoir)
  19. The Raven poet Edgar Allan ___
  20. Balderdash
  21. Forensic sculptor Duncan in Iris Johansen novels
  22. 1993 Nobel Laureate in Literature who was born February 18 1931 (2 wds.)
  23. Chapter in history
  24. Right in the thick of things
  25. ____ butter (cosmetic moisturizer)
  26. Hemingways The Old Man and the ____
  27. Brand in contact lens care
  28. Money novelist Martin
  29. Owen to Stephen King
  30. Take a bus
  31. App with restaurant reviews

  1. E.M. Forsters Howards ___
  2. Uncouth sort
  3. Rich with greenery
  4. ____ Talking (Joan Rivers memoir)
  5. Blank page at the start of a book
  6. Party that may be lit by tiki torches
  7. What subjects and verbs must do
  8. Club for the supersmart
  9. Lavish party
  10. Comrade in arms
  11. No more Mr. ___ Guy!
  12. TV clown of the 1950s
  13. Folk musics Kingston ___
  14. Secretive agency in Dan Browns novel Digital Fortress (Abbr.)
  15. ____ Jovi When We Were Beautiful (2009 rock documentary)
  16. Anderson Coopers network
  17. CBS police series featuring Elisabeth Shue
  18. Electric guitar sound booster
  19. Sticky gunk
  20. Ready Player ___ (Ernest Cline novel)
  21. Deadwood actress Jewell
  22. Like a late library book
  23. Jeans maker Strauss
  24. Horoscope columnist Sydney
  25. In the Bedroom Oscar nominee Marisa
  26. College applicants composition
  27. Thomas Hardys ___ of the dUrbervilles
  28. Cookie with a Thins variety
  29. Bread served with chicken tikka masala
  30. Orange throwaway
  31. Words said with a sigh (2 wds.)
  32. American Gods novelist Gaiman
  33. Egyptian snake

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