Daily Pop Crosswords April 8 2018 Answers

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Crossword Pop April 8 2018 Answers

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  1. Peculiar
  2. A Nightmare on ___ Street
  3. Spicy
  4. The p of wpm
  5. View from a lighthouse
  6. Waikiki welcome
  7. Like a mediocre restaurant (Hyph.)
  8. Wisdom tooth
  9. Novelist whose Morning Star won a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Science Fiction (2 wds.)
  10. John Hamm TV drama set at an advertising agency (2 wds.)
  11. Mission: Impossible II director John
  12. Cute name for a black-and-white pet
  13. Gone Girl co-star Affleck
  14. Block of soap
  15. Novelist whose Truly Madly Guilty won a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fiction (2 wds.)
  16. Neil Gaiman's The Day I Swapped My ___ for Two Goldfish
  17. Vaudeville bit
  18. See ya! (Hyph.)
  19. Police rank ( Abbr.)
  20. I'm with Her or Make America Great Again
  21. Novelist whose End of Watch won a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Mystery & Thriller (2 wds.)
  22. Mischievous elf
  23. Branch on a family tree
  24. Turner rock memoir co-written by Kurt Loder (2 wds.)
  25. Crimson
  26. Cool!
  27. Wrote down
  28. Top piece of a two-piece
  29. Conan O'Brien's network

  1. Decide to quit with out
  2. The ___ Breaker (2005 novel by Edwidge Danticat)
  3. ____ Gorgeous (Kristen Dunst/Kirstie Alley mockumentary about beauty pageants) (2 wds.)
  4. ___ Lauder (big name in perfume)
  5. Gain ex[perience (from)
  6. I Need to Know singer ___ Anthony
  7. Machine seen on the ice between NHL periods
  8. What Mexican Olympians go for (2 wds.)
  9. Song sung alone
  10. Winter warm spell
  11. Handmade scarf stuff
  12. Brington Beach Memoirs playwright Neil
  13. Wide0mouthed jug in still-life paintings
  14. Jell-O making need
  15. Opera showstopper
  16. Swamp creature's domain
  17. One who talks big
  18. ___ boy! (Nice work!)
  19. Agent Jack ___ of Tom Clancy novels
  20. Walking encyclopedia
  21. Word after check or class
  22. When the mouse ran down the clock (2 wds.)
  23. Bound part of a bound book
  24. Lindsey Vonn or Mikaela Shiffrin
  25. Blue Bayou singer Ronstadt
  26. Let the Great World ___ (Colum McCann novel)
  27. Latin jazz legend Puente
  28. Door to the outside
  29. Collective bargaining watchdog group (Abbr.)
  30. Chew the fat
  31. Actor Harris and O'Neill

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