Independent UK Cryptic May 21 2017 Crossword Answers

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  • Royal Institution getting bass and musicians award for achievement
  • Police force welcoming popular copper's attitude
  • Cooking pots contain dregs of Bolognese sauce
  • One working with Asian swimming across eastern part of Mediterranean
  • Cook goes with net to catch chicken in ancient monument
  • Permit 6 to visit South Africa
  • Medium crayon vital for editing?
  • Clutching money, innocent abroad is lacking in self restraint
  • God makes mistakes over replacing king
  • Son gets awfully hot temper from family member, .
  • . one sitting round fire close to tent is one of a kind
  • Light seen in Kent orchard
  • Saint Peter prepared to carry the top of Christ's ceremonial staff
  • Instrument made by halfwit attending secondary school
  • Father tucked into remnants of meal
  • Teenager makes smell after beer-drinking party
  • Determination to jump into river? On the contrary
  • Babe finally tucked up in manger rocked by extremely impressive collection of animals
  • Article about a new type of bread
  • Eatery in university implicated in outbreak of rash and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • By which to find out what went wrong with parking at most hectic northbound subway?
  • Get-up worn by little child meeting Latin philosopher
  • Complaints made by side beaten crossing oceans
  • Publisher passionate about language
  • Underwear worn by Her Majesty's composer
  • Latin American ditching his alarm .
  • . in place of endless idleness
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