Crossword Champ Pro March 3 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro March 3 2018 Answers

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  1. Precede the gleaners
  2. Reveals as fangs
  3. Erupt as Old Faithful
  4. A celebrity may have one
  5. Like the world's largest sultanate
  6. World capital whose seal depicts St. Hallvard
  7. Savannas
  8. Meat counter choice
  9. Kind of story
  10. Student grade factor
  11. Chock
  12. Time pieces
  13. Many a Dangerfield character
  14. River in England and Wales
  15. Summer quencher
  16. Grueling grillings
  17. Flannel pattern often
  18. I'm impressed!
  19. Cleopatra backdrop
  20. Gregorian follower
  21. Mouse lookalike
  22. Medium for short-lived sculptures
  23. School affairs
  24. Backpacker
  25. California island resort
  26. Time out
  27. Grease the undercarriage
  28. Put a traveling mike on
  29. Shore dinner entree
  30. Type tending to drift
  31. Amorphous amount
  32. Player of the Four Aces
  33. Diva
  34. One of several czars
  35. Facebook to Google
  36. Full of lurid details
  37. Galba's predecessor
  38. Correct as text
  39. Moms in meadows

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