Crossword Champ Pro June 6 2018 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro June 6 2018 Answers

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  1. *Replaceable part of a lamp
  2. Immediately!
  3. *Rum-soaked cakes
  4. Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
  5. *___ Ruth
  6. The U of UHF
  7. *Villainous noble of a classic French tale
  8. Dweebish
  9. Cousin of a mandolin
  10. *Dodo
  11. Kardashian who married Kanye
  12. Pouty look
  13. 6 on a telephone
  14. *Bench-pressing equipment
  15. Shakespeare's fairy queen
  16. Love personified
  17. *Neighborhood financial institution
  18. Peeve
  19. Rooster's mate
  20. Goodbye Guido!
  21. *Hungarian composer whose only opera is about 17-Across
  22. Something a mini leaves exposed
  23. Made a ditch say
  24. *The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra e.g.
  25. Tally (up)
  26. Maple syrup sources
  27. Boxer played by Will Smith in a 2001 biopic
  28. *Base of many gravies
  29. Them's fightin' words!
  30. Eskimo's home
  31. *Physical attribute of Homer Simpson
  32. What vegans don't eat besides meat
  33. Roman poet who wrote about 33-Across
  34. Blood-boiling state
  35. Road curves
  36. Gen ___
  37. Sultan of ___ (nickname for 15-Across)

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