The Mirror Cryptic Crossword December 7 2016 Answers

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The Mirror Cryptic Crossword December 7 2016 Answers

A barrier for first man ADAM
A profit once more AGAIN
Agreeable school paid off SAPID
Boy outside church added spirit LACED
Chap gets record assistance HELP
Charge for ring TOLL
Cleaner sort of opera SOAP
Cordite about fastening CORD
Doctor sees work reduce DROP
Dreaming about sheets? REAM
Fellow in charge is crazy MANIC
Following from main exterior NEXT
For every experience has it PER
Fruit that's miles away LIMES
Glide using small paddle SOAR
Hang key by corner DANGLE
Impetuous complaint RASH
Judo master lacks one feeling SENSE
Language in later sentence ERSE
Lee returned as swimmer EEL
Meat displaying no veins VENISON
Musical agreement? UNISON
Not once was nerve lost NEVER
Once ordered ice cream CONE
Regarded more than six having lost five SEEN
Remain working to right of seaman MARINER
Reversible note? MINIM
Scheme to get some land PLOT
Show contempt for skewer SPIT
Show new spirit DEMON
Step taken at speed PACE
Terrible score for Hearts CORES
That woman's in the right HER
Treaty sounds full PACT
Truth about groove RUT
Ventilates sari possibly AIRS

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