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What is the Daily Jumble?

Daily Jumble Puzzle

The daily jumble puzzle is a type of word puzzle that you can play everyday. Players utilize a clue, a drawing of a clue and a set of scrambled letters known as an anagram to solve the puzzle. Some letters in the scrambled words are marked with a circle or other indicator. Players unscramble the words and use the specially marked letters to form a word or phrase that solves the puzzle. Jumble puzzle answers are usually homophones or puns.


Daily jumbles can be found in newspapers and puzzle books. The type of jumble puzzle found in newspapers usually has four base jumbles consisting of 2 5-letter words and 2 6-letter words. Some papers also include a kid version of the daily puzzle with 3-letter and 4-letter word base jumble puzzles.

How do you Play a Daily Jumble?

Solving the daily jumble puzzle depends on the player. Some people prefer the traditional method of unscrambling each of the base jumbles and then working towards revealing the answer, while others work to solve the answer to the puzzle first, and then utilize the letters to the answer to solve the base jumble puzzles.


Another popular way of solving these puzzles is a combination of the two methods. First, the player solves as many of the base jumbles as possible. Next, they use the letters they have from the base jumbles that are solved to work towards finding the solution to the puzzle. Once they have found the solution, they use the remaining secret letters to solve the unfinished base jumbles.

Daily Jumble Tips

When solving the base jumbles, it is helpful to first locate any possible prefixes or suffixes and remove those letters from the possibilities. Once the prefixes and suffixes are removed, the pool of scrambled letters is lessened, making it easier to solve the daily jumble puzzle.


ED is a common suffix, so by removing that you are left with PEUND. There are no obvious solutions with these letters, so try removing the prefix instead. UP is a prefix. By removing UP you are left with DEEND, which unscrambles to ENDED. Add back the prefix and you are left with UPENDED.

Another technique jumble puzzle experts use is to arrange the letters of the anagram in alphabetical order. This won’t necessarily help solve the puzzle, but it will teach you the solutions to various letter combinations. Since any word can be scrambled in many ways, by learning the alphagram of the word, you reduce the number of letter combinations that you need to learn.

Jumble puzzles can be a lot of fun to solve. If you are interested in these types of word puzzles, look in your local newspaper or online to find puzzles to practice with. With time, you will become a jumble puzzle master!

daily jumble

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